Thursday, October 4, 2007

Red State, NRO Cover the Draft General Pace Movement

The Draft General Pace movement is heating up in a big way. You can read the Red State coverage here. There is widespread interest in a Pace candidacy throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The fact of the matter is that Gen Pace offers voters a true conservative choice. Pace is a leader. What's more, he can beat Mark Warner in November 2008. Of the movement, NRO's The Corner reports: "A draft movement gains steam."

We need to ensure that membership in the Draft General Pace Facebook Group continues grow. Please spread the word. The website will go live soon. More to follow.


Anonymous said...

National Review wants Pace to run because National Review is controlled by conservative Roman Catholics.

Pace seems to have served honorably for many years, and appreciably stood up to Rumsfeld on occasion.

But Virginia has gone far enough in the direction of snubbing, disdaining, fearing and even hating homosexuals. Electing Pace would be a clear step further in that direction.

Certainly I will not vote for him.

Brian Mazanec said...

Scott-- We appreciate your comments here but obviously completely disagree with your spin of some of Gen Pace's comments regarding same-sex sexual activity. Pace stood up for he UCMJ which clearly does not condone or support adultery or homosexual activity, this is a far cry from "fearing and even hating homosexuals." Gen Pace believes children deserve a mother and a father, not two "moms" or "dads" choosing to deny a child that most healthy environment. This idea is clearly popular in Virginia, with nearly 60% of voters supporting the Marriage Amendment in 2006 despite a multi-million dollar distortion campaign to defeat it and an unusually tough political environment. Gen Pace's values are Virginia values.

Prospero said...

PLEASE run Pace against Warner: the USA and the South need more people like Warner easily elected to the Senate, so the patriots can put their money into tougher races, like who succeeds Dominici. If "Pace's values are VA's values", then that goes a long way to explaining why Southern Whites are frequently morally and intellectually bankrupt.