Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Grassroots Effort to Draft General Pace for US Senate

In 1952, the Draft Eisenhower movement persuaded another great American Patriot to run for elected office. This grassroots movement eventually led to the nomination and election of Dwight D. Eisenhower. This grassroots movement has one goal: to recruit Gen Peter Pace to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by John Warner in Virginia.

Marcus Aurelius: Won't you accept this great honor that I have offered you?
Maximus: With all my heart, no.
Marcus Aurelius: Maximus, that is why it must be you.

This quote is from the movie Gladiator, the 2000 film starring Russell Crowe. The point is that career politicians dominate Washington. Often times, the people the U.S. really needs to run for elected office choose not to seek it. Washington is filled with career politicians like Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden. Gen. Pace is a man of service, honor and integrity. He is exactly what Virginia and the U.S. need in the Senate. As the recent National Review Online op-ed noted, “Virginia Republicans should tell this devoted patriot that he is not done, and encourage him to take on another mission.” It seems unlikely that Gen Pace would naturally gravitate toward the dirty profession that is American politics; however, grassroots support for a Gen Pace candidacy for U.S. Senate is growing—fast.

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mike volpe said...

I love the idea and running against Warner it is going to take just this kind of candidate to win. If you guys don't mind, I would love to cross post this entry in my own blog.

Matthew Schwieger said...

Please do Mike. Spread the word!